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Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Cyber Ark

Aug 09

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

About CyberArk

CyberArk Software, the global leader in privileged access management, helps organizations transform their business through improved security and reduced risk. As a trusted partner for thousands of companies around the world, CyberArk consistently sets the bar – driving innovation and helping our customers stay one step ahead of attackers. Application Access Manager and Conjur Open Source integrate with popular tools, container platforms, and cloud providers to provide a comprehensive solution for security secrets, application access and other credentials in DevOps environments.

About the Team

Our primary product is Conjur, an open source secrets vault and privilege engine for DevOps, Cloud and IaaS built which serves as the core for our Conjur Enterprise offering. Our engineers work on a wide variety of projects, from integrations with cutting-edge DevOps tools to moonshot projects that seek to revolutionize the world of DevOps security. Conjur engineers help design, prototype, and implement core features while ensuring the reliability, security, efficiency and maintainability of our enterprise offering. We deliver high-quality open source software and more to CyberArk’s customers.

We know that our community is best served when:

  • Our projects are active, maintained, well organized, and superbly documented
  • We discuss, plan, design, and build in the open
  • Contributions from community members are solicited, welcomed, and reviewed

The Infrastructure team provides support to the entire engineering team by building, automating and maintaining internal infrastructure in a manner that allows the product engineers to be “self-service”. It consists primarily of development in support of internal tools and infrastructure for testing and development. While this role is operations-centric, there is no on-call requirement, and a proactive approach to maintenance of the infrastructure is preferred over reactive.

Job Description

We are currently looking for infrastructure engineers to join us in our work to enable product engineers to deliver value.

Our ideal candidate would have:

  • A desire to work in a role that has no on-call requirement
  • Mid- to Senior-level experience with production infrastructure
  • Proficiency with DevOps, configuration management, and/or orchestration tooling (Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Jenkins, Python etc) 
  • Understanding of or interest in container technologies like Docker, Podman, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry
  • Experience with cloud computing providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc)
  • Excellent communication, documentation, and interpersonal skills required

If several of the following apply to you, there’s a high chance that you’d be a fit for our team:

  • You care about best practices and what it takes to write and maintain great code.
  • You know how to manage technical debt
  • You get end-to-end with solutions early in order to de-risk them
  • You value being a mentor, and know how to act as a force multiplier
  • Feedback loops – especially with real customers who use what you create – are a highly valued asset
  • You are interested in contributing to some open-source software and communities
  • You love to quickly adopt new tools and languages
  • You understand the DevOps landscape

However, these are not requirements. If you think this job sounds interesting, we’d love to hear from you. Diversity of perspectives and experiences are very important to us.

For More Information

For more information on our team culture, and to try out our DevOps puzzle, please see: If you enjoy solving our puzzle, you’ll almost certainly enjoy working on our team!

CyberArk is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.


Recruiting agencies or vendors without a valid agreement between the parties are not authorized to (a) send CyberArk unsolicited resumes or candidate data or (b) contact CyberArk employees for the purposes of presenting candidates for employment. CyberArk will only work with recruiting agencies who have a valid agreement with CyberArk and that are specifically invited by CyberArk’s recruiting team to assist with searching for and submitting candidates for a specific position. Any unsolicited resumes or other candidate data submitted to CyberArk will not be accepted and shall be considered CyberArk’s property. CyberArk will not pay any placement or other fees of any kind for any unsolicited resumes or candidate data that is submitted in violation of this policy. CyberArk does not accept liability under any legal theory such as course of conduct, oral agreements, implied contracts, or otherwise based on negotiations with a candidate identified from an unsolicited resume or data in violation of this policy